Family business established on February 14, 2002 by a Colombian married couple Jaime & Yasmith, who came to New York, where their children were born. Jaime who is a Master Pastry Chef with a degree in Colombia, worked for 12 years in "La nueva Rioplatence" a well-know bakery and pastry shop in New York and then decided with his wife and his children to move to North Carolina where he worked as a Pastry Chef at "Prestonwood Country Club", prestigious club established in the city of Cary.

There after three years the family made a joint decision with their children to open their own business where the whole family nucleus took part to elaborate their HOMEMADE products all with a LOW SUGAR BALANCE RECIPES (Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Petit-four, Danish, Macarons, Cannolies, Funnel Cakes, some gluten free bread and an extensive variety of bread).

All products are according to a different nationalities, so you can get an all cake of Carrot cake, Tres Leches, Blackforest, PoundCake, Yellow Cake, Strawberry ShortCake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse, Mocca, Red Velvet, CheesseCake, Napoleon, Chocolate Expresso, Dominican Cake, Colombian Cake. Any of this flavors of cakes you can get for any occasion and with any design that the customer want.

But if you prefer to enjoy a slice of any of this delicious homemade, you are welcome to visit their COFFEE SHOP with your friends or family and taste it with a Delicious Colombian Coffee, Hot chocolate, French vanilla cappuccino, or a real fruit shake, on a beautiful environment.

The knowledge that Jaime has he also acquired in " Ress Import " in New York and "Classic Gourmet" in Charlotte NC. So Jaime with the support of his children Jimmy, Jennifer, Jasmin, James and his wife who is a SOCIAL WORKER, she initially worked on a "Victim Service Office" in New York and also in Carolina Community Mental Health Center in Raleigh NC, but since the time the family decided to open their business until today it continues to offer the same quality and a variety.

Also this family business has made donations and contributions to differents Institutions: Saint Raphael Catholic Church, El Centro Hispano, Interfaith Shelter, Triangle Soccer Academic and to the Catastrophe that happened in Colombia in 2017.